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Water Treatment

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hho gas generator brown gas generator hydrogen oxygen gas generator

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hho gas generator-300 liter/hour

HHO Gas Generator can be used easily, safely, cleanly and effectively with water and electricity as fuel. It is light,energy saving,environmental friendly,safe and reliable.Working Principle:Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by the electrolysis of distilled wate...

Hongxing Machinery Factory China (Mainland)
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WEDGE WIRE PANELFeiYa International Group Ltd offer largest range of Welded Wedge Wire Screen Panels for various applications such as sizing, separation & dewatering.Better Flatness assures Better Production & DewateringThere are many combinations available for wedge wire / trapezoidal wire and ...

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poly aluminium chloride,PAC

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Poly Aluminium chloride PAC For drink...

Poly Aluminium Chloride for drinking water treatmentThis product is made from aluminum hydroxide,hydrochloric acid and calcium aluminate powder emplloying advanced technology. It is cheap and has good flocculation efficiency. Its water purification capacity is higher than the traditional common i...

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low noise

Low noise roots blower

High efficiency low noise small vibration saving energy designSmall size , light weight and elegant appearance.Positive displacement blower , no compression ,air conveying is smooth ,three is small flow rate changes along with pressure changes Each model has a performance tables and standard ,...

zhangqiu wanhao machinery Co.,Ltd China (Mainland)
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automatic filter controller, self cleaning filter controller

brush/suction/backwash filter control...

1.Be mainly provided to electric suction type filter, electric brush wash filter, electric multi cylinder type, and back flush filter, and disc type self cleaning filtration equipment. 2.Multiple control types. 3.Adopting rapid CPU chip, power off storage, built in watch dog circuit4.The elements...

Changzhou Xionghua Tongtai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd China (Mainland)
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ozone generator

20G/H thick Quartz tube ozone generat...

The quartz tube’s 99.9% of component is silica, so its advantages are: strong rigidity, high heating proof, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, stability of chemical, and electrical insulation; High efficiency: adopt narrow gap discharge which is 0.5mm,so it has high rate of ozon...

Guangzhou Yuejia Environment Protection Technology CO.,Ltd China (Mainland)
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acrylic polishing machine acrylic flame polisher micro flame polisher

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acrylic polishing machine-polish acry...

Acrylic polishing machine,also named acrylic flame polisher or micro flame polisher, is an ideal,safe,reliable,effective and environmental way of polishing acrylic or perspex sheets, signs,letter and so on.Working principle of acrylic polishing machine is electrolysis of water produces mixed hydr...

zhengzhou sofine precision machinery co.,ltd China (Mainland)
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textile baler, clothing baler, used-clothes baler,vertical baler, sinobaler

Lifting Chamber Baler

The lifting chamber baler (sometimes called clothes baler) is specifically built to meet the baling demands of the textile recycling industry. It is an ideal choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothes recycling facility, second-hand clothing stores / dealers, clothing exporters, and...

Sinobaler Machinery Co., Ltd China (Mainland)

oily water separator , bilge water purify , waste water disposal

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YWC0.25 15ppm Oily Water Separator

contact person:ruby skype:ruby850922 Mobile:86-15922636221/13752919158The YWC type OWS developed for this is the high-tech newest product which can effectively dispose all kinds of bilge water including fuel oil, high-density residual ...

China Hangyu Industry Co.,ltd China (Mainland)

dewatering belt/dewatering fabric/Sludge dewatering mesh

dewatering belt

dewatering belt/dewatering fabric/Sludge dewatering mesh name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co., or www.papermachineclothings.comMSN: flydrgon00071(a)hotmail.comCompany name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh ...

Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd China (Mainland)

roots blower

three lobe roots blower

1. Low noise, due to the helical suction and discharge, the blower air flow in and out according to the direction of spiral line, all these prevent the pulse noise and vibration. What’s more, by using the Impedance complex muffler, the noise of our blowers are further reduced.2. High volume and a...

shandong zhangqiu oasis machinery co.,ltd China (Mainland)

Johnson screen,oil sieve tube

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Johnson screen,oil sieve tube

I, basic parameters: Materials: stainless steel 302,304,316,304 L, 316L sieve wire or low carbon steel galvanization silk. Outside diameter: 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, etc. (20mm - 1000mm) Slot: 0.1 mm - 35mm deviation: + 0.05 mm Standard length: 50-6000mm End connections...

HengYuan Hardware Netting Industry Product CO.LTD China (Mainland)

Water Welder

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Water Welder

Water Welder,also called Water-Hydrogen Flame Welder,is widely used in melting gold,silver,platinum in jewelry making; soldering and brazing;sealing small quartz bottles.Water Welder is a portable gas generator producing mixed oxygen and hydrogen gases cheaply from distilled water.The mixes gases...

JINDIAN Hydrogen Oxygen Equipment Manufacturer China (Mainland)

water purifier

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water purifier for home

"Stage 1: 5 microns PP fiber cartridgeStage 2: Granule activated carbon cartridgeStage 3: 1 micron PP fiber cartridgeStage 4: 50G/day RO membraneStage 5: Post- activated carbon cartridge Booster pump, under sink type Membrane: TFC 50 GPDCross valveWater ...

Water Siyuan Group Co.,Ltd China (Mainland)

Strainer tube

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Water well screen tube,Filter tube,St...

I, basic parameters: Materials: stainless steel 302,304,316,304 L, 316L sieve wire or low carbon steel galvanization silk. Outside diameter: 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, etc. (20mm - 1000mm) Slot: 0.1 mm - 35mm deviation: + 0.05 mm Standard length: 50-6000mm End connections...

Cangzhou Orient Import&Export CO.,LTD China (Mainland)

Corrosion inhibitor, corrosion, water treatment chemical, water treatment, rust,

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Polyacrylic Acid Sodium (PAAS)CAS No. 9003-04-7 Structural Formula:Properties:PAAS is innoxious and soluble in water, it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale sediment. PAAS can disperse the microcrystals or microsand of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate a...

Cnhile Chemical Industrial Science&Technology Co.,ltd China (Mainland)


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hot sale 4" pvc compact ball val...

1) Name: ball valves2) Materials: PVC-U3) Sizes: 3"4) Standard: DIN5) High quality,Clear, light weight, rustless, oxidation-resistant, anti-corrosion and environment-friendly6) It is widely used in chemistry, electron, metallurgy, plastic, electroplate, irrigation, treatment Sewage, engineering o...

Hangzhou Huanke Trading Co.,Ltd. China (Mainland)

ice-maker dispenser,ice machine

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RO water dispenser with ice-maker

Voltage/Frequenc:AC220V/50Hz Rated heating power:550wRated cooling power:130wRated Ice-making power:200wIce-making ability:12Kg/D(t≤20℃)Rated purified water ability:8L/HHeating capacity:4L/H(≥90℃)Cooling capacity:2L/H(≤8℃)Working pressure:0.1~0.6Mpa Ambient temperature:5~38℃Water quality: muni**l...

Ningbo Kailun Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd China (Mainland)

FRP gutter manufacturer


Beauty exterior, installation convenience.The equipments of flowing system are integrated. Adopt enhanced resin, reinforced felt as the main raw and processed materials.Non-maintaining, fire-retardant, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, reliable seal.It can reach 25 years for using, the products th...

Yangzhou Wansheng Industry Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

roots blower

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three lobes roots blower

Our leading product is LZSR three-lobe-root blower. Taking advantage of high-level thre-lobe-root blower technology from at home and abroad and with the contribution of advanced CAD/CAM designs, we offer product that is a new generation of root blower. Our product is of high quality, low noise, a...

Shandong Zhangqiu Oasis Machinery Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

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